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PYK Global Inc

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A Global Direct Entry Partner with the USPS


Create partnerships with manufacturers that will deliver quality and consistent products when you need them. Great for samples or production at scale. 


Land, ocean, and air transportation specializing in managing logistics, regulatory compliance, operations, personnel, and government relations.

Shipping Costs

Find the most time and cost-effective delivery method for your products. Ensure your supply chain is cost-effective and an asset – not a liability.

Why Go Global with PYK?

PYK Global Inc. was founded to bridge the gap keeping countries from conducting commerce together in an efficient and profitable manner.

With today’s geopolitical climate, you need an ally that can find fast and affordable business solutions that will allow you to keep operating your business. Don’t sacrifice quality for an easy solution.

PYK Global Inc. is uniquely situated throughout the world to manage your ever-increasing supply-chain operations. Find out how PYK Global can become your partner and empower your business to thrive today.

Our Clients Love Us

“PYK saved us thousands – not just on rates, but on time. We would still be struggling on a solution without them.”

– Thomas C.


“PYK gave us a solution where we get tracking, on time deliveries, and for the same price as our previous service!”

– Gina S.


“I’ve been sourcing products from China for a very long time, and I haven’t seen better service than what I get from PYK.”

– James M.